Late Night Magic – Team Sealed

May 4, 2013 @ 4:30 am – 7:30 am

Format: Sealed
(The first Friday of each month we run a “Team-Sealed Event”- every other Friday we run a draft for the late night- see the appropriate event for details)
Entry Fee: $20 per player
Registration: 10:00pm
Start time: 10:30pm
The event will run for 3 rounds (it typically ends at 2:00am)
Prize Support: 3 booster packs are put in the prize pool per player. Everyone will get at least 1 booster, regardless of their win-loss record. Prizes are “top-heavy” (meaning, the first place team will get significantly more packs than other teams). The more teams that show up, the more prizes will be given!

This is a unique format where players participate in teams of three. (You are encouraged to have your team established ahead of time, but feel free to show up, even if you don’t have a team, and we’ll do our best to partner you with others who are looking for teammates.)

Each team gets 12 booster packs to build three 40-card minimum decks (much like a 2-headed giant sealed format, but with 3 players intead of 2). Each round, your team will be paired against another team with a similar win-loss record. Each each team will be assigned an “A” player, “B” player, and “C” player designation at the beginning of the event, and you will play against the corresponding player on the opposing team (i.e. Player “A” on team 1 will play against Player “A” on team 2, the “B” players will play against each other, and the “C” players will play against each other).

You will be able to communicate with your teammates during the game, so more experienced players can discuss strategy and help less-experienced players during their game. Each game is separate, though, so you can’t play cards from your deck to help your teammate in his or her game.

The win-loss record of game will be combined to determine overall team performance. At the end of three rounds, the team with the best record is the winner.